EBN – The prpl Palette – 4 Security Challenges That Threaten to Tear Apart the Internet of Things
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EBN – The prpl Palette – 4 Security Challenges That Threaten to Tear Apart the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is developing at such a rate that it threatens to outstrip our ability to adequately secure it…and that’s potentially a huge problem.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.ebnonline.com

First of all, you have to secure the device, tis hardware and firmware. Then you must protect the communication to/from it, by adding an encryption layer. You also need to manage the remote access to the device with strong authentication to prevent any unauthorised access to the device and the data produced. And then you need to protect the accumulated data in hubs and cloud storages, and finally, the access and control will often be through a mobile app on a smartphone, or similar, that also need protection.

And when all this is implemented and actually working there is the time factor in product life cycles. How do you push updates when new vulnerabilities are discovered over the following years? What to do when products are phased out but still used by the customer? As a comparison think about Microsoft’s problem with Windows XP end-of-life.

IoT is a huge security challenge, but fortunately, it’s already been done before. You just have to realize that the small sensor, in fact, is a small computer and that you must adapt all the processes and techniques developed by the computer industry. Learn from the software industry. Recruit their best security experts!

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