Hojt Communication is a consulting company focused on our clients need to rapidly bring the right product to the right market. We stand out due to our ability to combine skills in strategy, implementation, operations and technology with deep understanding about the connected world and the new levels of security and privacy protection that world brings.
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Secure Authentication is the Only Solution to Vulnerable Public Wi-Fi

The vulnerability of public Wi-Fi means businesses need to give their users a single method of authentication to remove security fears. Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.informationsecuritybuzz.com Multi-factor authentication is an absolute necessity, and so is point-2-point encryption. Mobiles communicate over public networks. VPN was not built for

Why I Love Ephemeral Messaging (And You Should, Too!)

The need to be forgotten is strong. People want to share their whims with friends but not with everyone. This has been clearly proven with the emergence of messaging services that forget, a market driven by the intense popularity of Snapchat. The best way to

How is NSA breaking so much crypto?

How is NSA breaking so much crypto? Sourced through Scoop.it from: freedom-to-tinker.com For some time now there has been a rumour that NSA has broken VPN encryption, but no facts have confirmed this. Until now. Researchers have found a vulnerability in the implementation of the crypto technology used,

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