Hojt Communication is a consulting company focused on our clients need to rapidly bring the right product to the right market. We stand out due to our ability to combine skills in strategy, implementation, operations and technology with deep understanding about the connected world and the new levels of security and privacy protection that world brings.
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Vendors leave crypto key in the door when it comes to security

See on Scoop.it - Secure communication The problem of certificates baked into firmware continues to jeopardise the security of consumer internet devices despite warnings to vendors, according to a researcher. Apptimate's insight: This problem will most certainly explode with all the IoT products being rolled out. IoT needs

How the NSA snooped on encrypted Internet traffic for a decade

See on Scoop.it - Secure communication Exploit against Cisco's PIX line of firewalls remotely extracted crypto keys. Apptimate's insight: This is what happens when you have backdoor in security products, even though this was most probably a flaw and not intentional. For 10 years NSA has been decrypting

Cryptography Experts Recommend Apple Replace its iMessage Encryption

See on Scoop.it - Secure communication Apple has implemented a series of short- and long-term defenses to its iMessage protocol after several issues were discovered by a tea Apptimate's insight: Security is an iterative process where flaws gets patched and new flaws gets discovered. Now and again you

Sophisticated nation-state sponsored malware could shut down electric grid

See on Scoop.it - Secure communication SentinelOne researchers discovered spotted a sophisticated nation-state sponsored malware campaign with potential to knock out an electric grid. Apptimate's insight: The utilities industry is a prime target for cyber terrorism and extortion schemes. Again and again we see new hacks and breaches

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