Who really owns your Internet of Things data? | ZDNet
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Who really owns your Internet of Things data? | ZDNet


In a world where more and more objects are coming online and vendors are getting involved in the supply chain, how can you keep track of what’s yours and what’s not?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.zdnet.com

Ownership of the IoT data is complicated, as with any user-generated data. It’s really an extension of all user-generated digital data, for instance Tweets and Facebook posts. When the user publish that data the ownership is transferred to the service and the same must applied to IoT.

When the data is generated it should be owned by the user. But when it is used for a service, for example analyzing your power consumption, who owns it then? Probably, you will hand over the ownership to the analytics provider, or they will not be able to perform big data analytics and data harvesting. It should be the same as publishing the data, but with strong requirements on privacy protection and anonymization of data.

The important thing is to make ownership crystal clear to all parties involved in the data generation and processing, because of liability issues.

Take an accident with a connected car; who’s fault is it? The driver? The car manufacturer? The provider of data sensors in the car? The provider of external data? The SW company that analyse all data flows and provide feedback to the driver? The SW developer? The provider of a data point that influences the decision making in an external system that provides road data to the car and the driver? And so on.

With ownership comes liability. And security and privacy issues.

We are still a long way from a crystal clear chain of ownership and liability handover. Legal systems are as always decades behind the technology development. There will be a lot of xxxx hitting those fans before things are sorted out.

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