The Importance of End-to-End Encryption in Protecting Your Information
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The Importance of End-to-End Encryption in Protecting Your Information

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WhatsApp recently added end-to-end encryption to its instant messaging app. If you have this app, you would have noticed the following messages on your open chats: WhatsApp explains the motivation be…

Sending a document to someone on the internet is usually done using email. But email and attachments are as secure as postcards. The information passes through several servers and networks on the way and is available to anyone accessing those nodes.

You might think that it’s safe since there are billions of emails flowing through these nodes. Why should anyone bother looking for your mail? Well, the simple answer is software reads it. We use software to scan for spam and the same technology can (is!) be used to scan for words in your email, like for instance "business proposal".

The answer to this problem is called end-2-end encryption.

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