The End of the Internet Dream? — Backchannel — Medium
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The End of the Internet Dream? — Backchannel — Medium

The End of the Internet Dream? – Backchannel – Medium

Blackhat’s keynote speaker says it’s up to us to make sure the Net is our liberator, not our oppressor

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Democracy is built on the power of individuals, not organizations and governments. It’s in direct contradiction to imperialistic power collecting disregarding the current political color, left or right wing semantics or religious belief. Power is built on control and keeping the few in control over the many.

Democracy means government by the individuals for the individuals. The word “people” is supposed to mean a group of individuals that share a society for the common good, not a hoard that needs to be controlled.

Democracy and free speech are the fundamental human rights in the movement started by the Greeks a few thousand years ago, and it is this force that leads to progress and prosperity. For continuing this trend, and not be thrown back into the feudal middle age society we need to protect the individual, his/her rights to live, think and discuss ideas. We need to take back the free internet, and for this we need to go back to the original ideas of the internet. User to user communication without central storage, analysis and monitoring. The technology is available; end-to-end encryption.

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The End of the Internet Dream? — Backchannel — Medium