Spies, tech companies and 50 shades of encryption | ZDNet
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Spies, tech companies and 50 shades of encryption | ZDNet


Can a compromise ever be reached over the use of end-to-end encryption? Perhaps, but it’s not down to the intelligence agencies or the tech companies to decide.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.zdnet.com

Encryption is a necessity for a working and trust worthy Internet. Everyone can agree on that. The problem is the misuse of encryption. Misuse for criminal or terrorism intent. But also misuse by government agencies that want the public to trust Internet while they develop methods of mass surveillance.

The whole is situation is created by the governmental misguided use of mass surveillance, as well as the idea of using Internet as a weapon in cyberwar between states.

We have to make a choice; shall we as a society accept that there are people that use this tool for criminal activity, while protecting the majority, or should we plan for a police state of mass control?

Interesting though, that this is a non-issue when it comes to the weapons and arms industry. Everyone seems to agree that we need arms and military to protect us, while there still are people using guns to kill each other. We hear the argument "it’s not the gun that kills". The same goes for encryption. It’s not encryption that enables terror and criminality. It is bad people, and sometimes oppressive systems.

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