Software security needs a new perspective
Hojt Communication is a consulting company focused on our clients need to rapidly bring the right product to the right market. We stand out due to our ability to combine skills in strategy, implementation, operations and technology with deep understanding about the connected world and the new levels of security and privacy protection that world brings.
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Software security needs a new perspective


Source code bugs have been a constant in the software industry since the dawn of computers — and have ever been a major source of attacks, exploits and..

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A good approach to secure and robust source code is utilizing open source and verified mature 3rd party code. Code that has been tested and scrutinized by thousands of developers has a greater chance of being less insecure. Take for instance the security holes in OpenSSL. Sure, a lot of projects where vulnerable because of the bugs, but when it was discovered it was fixed much, much faster than if it would have been with an in-house development by a single supplier, because of the the public attention to it. Thousands of qualified developers adds many different test cases and some might even use the suggested tools and methods.

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