PingYou for Android released
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PingYou for Android released

The one click friend finder


Where are you?

This is probably the most common message sent. But why does it have to be so hard to ask, and answer?

Typing that question takes 14 keys on your phone’s keyboard. And then the answer, like “Oh, I’m in the corner of 48th and 5th” takes 37 keys.

PingYou reduces all that to one single tap. Tap the friend’s nickname and wait for your friends phone to answer. The best thing is that your friend’s phone will answer even if he’s unconscious or simply doesn’t hear notifications!

And this without tracking, only the awarded Apptimate Instant Positioning Dialog™.

Simply no simpler way to find your friends!

But that’s not all. If you want to develop your own positioning app we have a huge shortcut for you. The source code is available on our GitHub, for iOS and Android. Go ahead and fork it!

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PingYou for Android released