Mobile Apps Remain Vulnerable For Months – InformationWeek
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Mobile Apps Remain Vulnerable For Months – InformationWeek

Developers are failing to respond quickly to reports of security flaws, Trojans are infecting corporate devices at an alarming rate, and even mundane data about your device’s power consumption could threaten your privacy.


It is time for the app developer community to grow up. It is not about doing the coolest stuff with nice graphics and UX. Not without protecting the user. The smartphone is not (only) a toy anymore.

Many app developers are front-end focused and designers coming from the web industry, but mobile is not the same as web. 

IT professionals have been security focused for a long time, but they are not working in app agencies.

These two professions have to merge and the architecture has to evolve into Mobile First focusing on security on public networks and mobile devices. 

There are many differences in capabilities and environments between traditional web and IT and the newly connected mobile world, especially when it comes to security. Communication protected by a session tunnel (like VPN or SSL/TLS) must be considered as a special case. Mobility is asynchronous in its nature with devices moving in and out of the network. Data must be protected in transit between multiple endpoints. Data and device location can be monitored remotely by carriers and others. Everything happens outside firewalls.

And devices are always with you, small stuff that are easily lost. The apps must also protect the data in the device. The lock screen is just a nuisance for a serious hacker, not a true protection.

Security and privacy have now the media attention and you hear about breaches every day and many calls 2015 the year of security. If you are an app developer you have to start taking care of your users, otherwise they will go to a competing app when YOU have been hacked.

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Mobile Apps Remain Vulnerable For Months – InformationWeek