Large enterprises targeted by mobile Trojans
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Large enterprises targeted by mobile Trojans

Mobile cyber threats are more common and more sophisticated than ever before, with a number of high profile threats in the past year.


Connected mobile devices are rapidly becoming a security threat to corporate IT, both IPhones and Androids. Virtual private networks (VPN), two-factor authentication, peer-to-peer proximity networking and commercial phone security applications can provide some protection. Avoiding the use of free Wi-Fi hotspots and automatic connections, ignoring unexpected communications, not jailbreaking phones and not using apps from untrusted sources are other important self-protection approaches. 

One of the key benefits of running iOS instead of Android is the secure design of iOS. Purchasing an iPhone and jailbreaking it eliminates this major benefit, and it isn’t much different than running a Windows computer with no security software installed. Therefore, the most surefire method of protection is to not jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

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Large enterprises targeted by mobile Trojans