ISIS members have developed a mobile app for its communications — Medium
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ISIS members have developed a mobile app for its communications — Medium


Ghost Security Group has reportedly discovered an Android mobile application used by members of the ISIS organization for secure…

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The market drive to make app development simple, makes it possible for anyone to develop their own app. Including terrorist organisations. So, the idea of preventing commercial apps from using encryption will not prevent any unwanted communication. Then you must also ban app development. Or mobile phones.

The encryption tech is also needed to protect ordinary people, corporations as well as governments. It is a crucial tool for normal police investigative work with informers and infiltration which happens to be the only tactic that really works. That’s why the US government has supported the development of TOR. They need secure channels for their field agents to communicate without being too obvious, a way to hide the old crypto machine in plain sight.

Mass surveillance cannot compete with old fashion police work.

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