Health insurance companies prime targets for hackers
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Health insurance companies prime targets for hackers

Anthem’s recent data breach underscores the need for stronger security and highlights the potential harm that hackers can cause.


Again and again we see these hacks targeting common user data. Data that then is being used in scams and fraud. It is a huge mistake to think that no-one is interested in you since you are not important. You are important to cyber criminals if you don’t protect yourself, and your medical records are among the most valuable data.

Identity theft is on the rise through methods called “social engineering”. By getting access to your medical records, for instance, a con artist can pose as you. This information can be used to buy prescription drugs, for instance, to be sold on the black market.

Or, by stealing your identity they can do more direct harm to you. Suddenly you find that you have bought stuff you haven’t bought. Or your house or car has been sold without you knowing.

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Health insurance companies prime targets for hackers