Cyberattack on Hollywood Hospital Part of a Growing Trend
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Cyberattack on Hollywood Hospital Part of a Growing Trend


A large Hollywood hospital was hit with a catastrophe straight out of its own Hollywood movie last month, when a malware attack on its internal network led to a system-wide shutdown. The attack is part of a growing pandemic hitting health systems.

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All businesses seems to be wide open for ransom and ransomware, but especially those that handle real life problems and personal safety.

We will be seing more and more examples of extortion schemes where the liability is high enough to make paying ransome an easy choice. Just the mere threat that your hospital, airport, car customers or similar will be attacked and closed down, proven by these kind of events, will make you pay. You cannot afford not to.

And, even if you are well protected you will be hit by this. At least your liability insurance fees will go up dramatically.

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