Cyber Risk Management for the Automotive Sector
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Cyber Risk Management for the Automotive Sector

Recently, Senator Markey of Massachusetts sent letters to 20 major automobile manufacturers requesting information about how they protect against cyber-attacks. This effort by the Senator was subsequently followed up with talking points at an auto show in Detroit.

We have all heard the rhetoric of self-driving vehicles with research and development from Google, Apple, TESLA, etc.,


Privacy is one thing and security is another. We are just starting to connect cars and other “things” and we haven’t really seen the exploits that will harm or kill people.

The solution is never to stop progress and go back in time. That has never worked. The solution is to build in security in the communication from the beginning. The manufacturers that don’t will notice that in their sales figures in a few years time, when hacking cars is commonplace.

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Cyber Risk Management for the Automotive Sector