Combatting the Human Element
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Combatting the Human Element

Companies report that the human factor is the largest driver behind security breaches—and addressing it is complex.


Working safe is way too complicated for a normal employee. First comes awareness, through information and training. It must be made as clear as that you lock the door when leaving home. But then, IT and security departments, as well as WE the tech suppliers, must make it simple to work safely. When it is too complicated and a hindrance in you daily work you will start taking shortcuts. Shortcuts that are inevitable security holes. It must be easier to do right than to do wrong, otherwise WE are not doing our job protecting the users and the corporate IT systems.

Simple things like encryption, password-less authentication, etc are necessary technologies and I strongly agree that it is odd that you have to convince CIOs and IT personnel about that. Firewalls are not a secure protection, just a fence keeping the casual criminal out, not the more advanced hackers. You have to design the system and protection as you would have designed it for public networks.

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Combatting the Human Element