Beware the ‘visual hack’
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Beware the ‘visual hack’

Social engineering is by far the largest security threat to most organizations. But recent research showed that a “surgical strike” from a hacker strolling through an office as a “part-time worker” can yield a small amount of very high-value information.


Social engineering is on the rise. We need to change both methods and improve technology to protect users and their access to the corporate network. Users that doesn’t have the knowledge or skills to protect themselves. Multi-multi factor authentication is needed, strong encryption on data-in-transit and strong protection of the end points, the devices and servers. Simple firewalls etc just don’t do it anymore.

It is we, the technology suppliers, that have to create secure technology that is simple for the user but raises the fence for the cyber criminal. It must be easier to do right than to do wrong.

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Beware the ‘visual hack’