An Internet of Things Guide to Smart Home Technology
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An Internet of Things Guide to Smart Home Technology

This is a guest post from Alyson Gines of the Application Developers Alliance.


In the words of co-founder Fredrik Beckman, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an evolution, not a revolution. As cars, homes, and streets become more connected, it is vital for important issues—like privacy and security—to be considered at every step of development.

Developers need to understand the importance of data: how to use it, as well as how to protect it. In a survey conducted amongst 1,000 consumers in the United States, more than half believe home automation will be commonplace in less than 10 years from now. Nearly one-fourth is optimistic that technology will be an everyday feature in less than five years. Additionally, safety and security was voted in the survey as one of the top two necessary considerations for the adoption of smart home automation systems.

What does this mean for developers? Customers not only intend to have connected homes in the near future, but they also expect developers to design apps and systems that protect the user’s data. Privacy and security will be the deciding factor in which system, app, or device a consumer purchases, ultimately determining the success (or lack thereof) of a business or developer.

As an experienced leader in data privacy, Beckman commented, “Developers should be selective in what data and what control is provided to different users. Consider making data as anonymous as possible to protect customer privacy.” Even governments are insisting developers make the rules for security in IoT. A report from the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S. declared the industry itself should implement strong privacy and security practices from the outset, rather than being regulated down the line.

As global awareness of IoT grows, it is important for developers to understand how to best assist and protect the consumer. Security and privacy should be at the forefront of decision making while building a more connected future. For further insights into the issues and incredible potential of IoT, download Home Automation: An Internet of Things Guide to Smart Home Technology.

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An Internet of Things Guide to Smart Home Technology