​Google boots China’s main digital certificate authority CNNIC | ZDNet
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​Google boots China’s main digital certificate authority CNNIC | ZDNet

Google says a future update in Chrome will remove trust for all certificates from China’s main root certificate authority.

Source: www.zdnet.com

For the not-so-tech-savvy this means that Google starts to clean up among certificate authorities that provide certificates for the “s” in HTTPS, breaking the most common internet security technology. Malicious websites can then act as someone else and fool people to give away data, for instance bank and credit card information.

The channel is also encrypted wich means that if you happen to go to a malicious website from behind a corporate firewall, it will be possible for the site to inject malware into the corporate network without the firewall knowing anything about it.

But what this also shows is that the generic protection of HTTPS and SSL is outdated and should not be trusted anymore. We need the next generation security technology that not only protects the channel but also protects the actual data, as well as providing stronger authentication mechanisms, like the technology we at apptimate.io provide to any app or thing developer.

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​Google boots China’s main digital certificate authority CNNIC | ZDNet